Motorcycle vacation in Dalarna, Sweden?


Sweden has been blessed with a motorcycle-camp in Mora, Dalarna.
The camp is called "CAMP WING" and is run, as you can tell by the name, by
RED WINGS, Mora Motorcycle club.

Camp Wing offers the motorcycle-rider a splendid starting point for sightseeing in the beautiful DALA countryside, or for those, who are just passing through, a good nights sleep.

On the camping site there are showers, laundry, dishwashing and cooking facilities, and in the modern clubhouse, you can buy beverages, simpler dinners, sweets and so on. A TV, radio, pool table, dartboard, magazines and a tourist information are also available in the clubhouse.

The clubhouse is open every night between
6 PM to 9 PM from 3 /6 to 11/8 2018.

Mora is well known for the Wasa ski race and the manufacturing of the world famous Dala horses. You can also find Santa Claus in Santa World, art by Anders Zorn as well as the Wasa ski race museum and the Siljansfors forest museum. For those who are attracted to the wild, the bears, wolves and the lynx-cats in the Orsa Bearpark can be a reason to stay another day, in the beautiful Siljan surroundings.

RED WINGS, Mora Motorcycle club wishes you a pleasant stay in Mora !


The Siljan Meeting 1 of June– 3 of June 2017

Sweden, Dalarna, Mora. At the Red Wings club house, on Lomsmyren ( 3 km ( 2 miles ) west of Mora, along road no. 45/26 ).

Games and crazyness.
The Swedish speciality, the thinbreadroll, is in the kitchen as usual. Meeting badges for sale. Sight seeing, saturday the 2 of June.

Kitchen with hot meals, beverages, sweets and so on.
Dancing under the stars to live music, nice camping area, showers, laundry, dishwashing- facilities are available.

Breakfast is included in the meeting-fee.



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